Online Contributions

This module has been challenging for me since I walked in to the first class basically computer illiterate! Out of all the online networking options that we were given, I had previously used none. So I started slow and set up my blog at the beginning of the semester but it took me a while to get the hang of it. I also set up a twitter but unfortunately I found it slightly confusing and most weeks forgot I had it,that meant I did not actually use it in the end as none of the notifications came to my main email or my phone. For that reason I decided to stick to my blog.

Being a final year student I was preoccupied with various things but attempted to incorporate work I had done in the past with interests of mine on my blog. I tried different visuals out such as images and youtube clips, and used a link a couple of times that would take someone to an article etc. There has not been any discussion or posts via studynet so I didn’t post anything on their, although looking back I could’ve posted updates on there for when I had added a new post to my blog so that people could have a look. I did not have anyone’s blog so I didn’t make any comments on theirs; therefore I focused on my posts.

Overall I have definitely learnt a lot and feel slightly more confident in my computer skills, I would love to try and continue my blog but I think I would make it less about history and more on the creative side. As for twitter I cannot see myself getting used to that, but maybe if I dedicated some more time to it I would become comfortable with it. I do believe this module has helped me understand how history is created online and the importance of digitalised history. 


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