Employability and Creative Writing, Mimi Thebo

Employability and Creative Writing, Mimi Thebo

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I came across this article and had to share it! It was a great insight into the current attitudes and challenges faced by creative writing students or graduates! it got me thinking about what i feel i have gained from studying it and why i took it in the first place!

Creative Writing has been an extremely valuable subject in terms of the skills and knowledge it has equipped me with to take and use in my future field of work, which will hopefully be public relations. Not only does it give me the confidence to explore my creative mind, through writing a variety of different texts and genres for various different audiences, but it has helped me blossom in my writing.

Studying creative writing has not only given me the academic skills required in the workplace such as being able to write cohesively, and having a knowledge and understanding of written work, but the social skills that are wanted from an employee in an establishment. Working in groups is a large part of the course, this has taught me how to work well with others as well as listen and give criticism and praise in the appropriate manner. Giving presentations and speaking alongside reading my work to the class, gives me confidence and makes me aware of how to communicate with an audience as well as keep them engaged, and formally present my work. Working in PR is highly competitive and definitely involves having a creative mind, which I think I possess.

I have loved studying creative writing and would recommend it to anyone that wants to explore their creativeness and further their knowledge on the craft. Reading various types of writing and being able to write several different forms of writing confidently, enables me to adapt to different job roles and be aware of how to write, edit and communicate in certain establishments.

Overall I strongly believe creative writing has opened many doors for me and many fields of work I can explore in the future, providing me with all the skills mentioned along with giving me the confidence to articulate opinions, and improve products. I am extremely pleased that I studied the subject and look forward to the working world after university.


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