America vs England

I love studying history, i find it fascinating! My favourite area of study is modern American history as i find it most interesting! I am lucky enough to be visiting America for the first time in May, and since booking the trip i have been fantasising about what it will be like over there and what experience i will have. Whilst the last few weeks my mind has been occupied with thoughts of my trip, this week i started thinking about the differences between America and the place i was born and raised in…England. I decided to write a poem cappturing the spirit of England….

Tea, scones and crumpets a delicacy over here,

You alright love?  One of the many ways to greet someone.

The patriotic nature in conjunction with the footy,

Pubs roaring as England come together to win,

London’s burning as rioters protest to be heard

Where’s our queen when we need her most.

Rainy days overshadow the brighter ones,

Towns and cities congested with people in a world

Of their own and minds on their problems,

Beaches and countryside’s are where you want to be,

Not lost in a jungle of multiculturalism and differences.

Is that a good or a bad thing

This is England, it is what it is.


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